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"Dr. Peg Re-energized My Life"

If you're looking to grow, shift, increase resilience, work through pain, change your posture/perspective, experience life more fully...
Evolve Wellness Studio is the place to be.
Two years ago I went through a drastic and quite traumatic life event. A friend of mine told me about her work with Dr. Peg and thought it would align with both my professional practice as a behavioral therapist and the healing work I needed to do personally. Dr. Peg not only allowed my nervous system to feel supported in such a difficult time, but created the necessary changes within the functionality of my nervous system to expand into a whole new way of existing. I experienced shifts in my eating habits. I felt 100x more resilient. I accessed energy I previously didn't have access to, gentle strength I didn't know I had access to. I shifted the kinds of relationships I call in, my comfort in setting boundaries, my overall response to stress... Dr. Peg re-energized my life. I'm no longer holding onto the same ancestral trauma's that informed my perspectives which perpetuated the hardships I was continually facing. My body has reorganized itself, and continues to do so with grace, and curiosity, and play.
Victoria S.
Behavioral Therapist


Your Body’s Innate Healing Abilities


To Be the Most Authentic You


To Your Higher Calling

Integrate Mind, Body, & Spirit

Into Everyday Life


A Holistic Approach to Mind and Body Care

Network Spinal  applies specific low force touches to the spine to open up and unblock the brain to enable it to develop new life strategies for:

Individually Customized Care

During your initial visit, 
I assess how your body and spine have learned to store tension in response to your life through a postural analysis and spinal exam.

Together, we identify where

your spine and nervous system hold the potential to create significant changes in your body and  life

We then co-create a care plan for a series of visits and facilitate your use auxiliary tools for us to get results.

The process of reorganizational Alignment

Reorganizational Healing is an emerging wellness, growth, and behavioral change paradigm. It helps you to develop an outline to self evaluate and draw on your strengths.

It facilitates deeper understanding of yourself and uses dynamic tools so that symptoms, disease, problems, and life stresses can spark introspection, wisdom, new energy sources, and ultimately new actions for you to create a fulfilling and resilient life.


In-office Network Spinal Analysis Treatment

Exercises and Lessons

Exercises to practice at home that improve connection to self healing

The 4 Sacred Seassons

Discover, Transform, Awaken, Integrate

Reorganizational Healing

Introspective analysis supported by dynamic tools


Somato Respiratory Integration

Exercises designed to educate you to identify your body's rhythms and inner wisdom through focused attention, gentle breath, movement, and touch.

12 Stages of Healing

A map of the territory of healing and consciousness



Dr. Peg Capers

Doctor of Chiropractic


Chiropractic Intern

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