Dr. Peg

Dr Peg Capers

Dr. Peg

Dr. Peg Capers was born with a natural appreciation for the spark and uniqueness that dwells in each person and a joy for nature’s ability to outsmart and surprise us at any time.

At her core she has encouraged people to be and value their own humanity and others through compassion, understanding and action.

Fascinated by the connections between people and within people – communication, language and expression has been one of her biggest passions as she has spent over 15 years bridging cultures as a sign language interpreter.

This experience furthered her desire for people to understand themselves better as a way to relate to others with greater authenticity and caring.  Also as a witness to the “pain” that emerges when there is a lack of communication or miscommunication, she realized, so too it is for people with their bodies and well-being.  She saw how people often misunderstand their bodies’ wisdom or have no meaning for what is going on with their bodies.

What pain may be telling us about not just our bodies, but also our lives.  When pain changes from a random and disturbing thing to get rid of to a signal for change and a lens of meaning many doors open for people, families and communities.

Dr. Peg assists people in changing the patterning of the body and brain to improve and sustain better lives by moving from a neurologically wired response of survival and separation to one of thriving and connection. She works with people who have significant life challenges to experience new possibilities physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. She is dedicated to people’s personal evolution and sustainable growth.

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