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Peg Capers, Doctor of Chiropractic
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An Embodied Approach to Integrated Sustainable Living

Stress is a part of life — all changes, the ones we want, as well as the ones we don’t ask for, are stress to our current state. This is what allows change and growth to occur in life. Stress also has an impact on the body, so much so that ninety percent of visits to health care practitioners are stress related.

Network Spinal applies low force touches to the spine to allow the energy of patterned stress responses to shift into the energy that allows for growth responses. This then creates the potential and possibility of healing in new ways, allowing you to:

Individually Customized Care

During your initial visit,
We assess how your body and spine have learned to store tension in response to your life through a history, computerized nervous system evaluation, postural analysis and spinal exam.

Together, we identify where your spine and nervous system hold the potential to create significant changes in your body and life.

We then co-create a care plan for a series of visits and facilitate your use of auxiliary tools for us to get you the progress you need in body and life .

How it Works

The Process of Reorganizational Alignment

Reorganizational Healing, an emerging wellness, growth, and behavioral change paradigm created by Dr. Donny Epstein, DC, alchemizes all the experiences you’ve had in your body to further your growth and evolution.

This work is not about fixing you. We’re valuing your experiences in a way that propels you forwards, rather than takes you back to where you’ve been. The wisdom of your new experiences are embodied and create emerging strategies, growth and change that are consistent with your unique system, allowing you to express yourself more fully in the world.

Most times you go to a doctor’s office, there’s a lot of focus on “how do we fix this.” Reorganizational healing values that nothing needs to be fixed because you are already whole. As a practitioner, I will hear and value the changes you want to see in your life, but I’m not going to hold the idea that you’re broken, even if you do.


Network Spinal session creating nervous system coherence

Energetic Intelligences

Lifeforce, Emotion, Mental, Soul, Global

The 4 Seasons of Well-being

Matching the timing, energy, and consciousness of each season for optimal spinal evolution (Discover, Transform, Awaken, Integrate)

Reorganizational Healing

Wellness, growth and behavioral change paradigm

12 Stages of Healing

A map of the territory of evolution and consciousness

Somato Respiratory Integration

Exercises designed to educate you to identify your body's rhythms and inner wisdom through focused attention, gentle breath, movement, and touch.

Triad of Change

Creating sustainable change by understanding your relationship to behavior, perception and structure

Team Evolve


Dr. Peg Capers

Doctor of Chiropractic and Primary Wellness Provider

Tiana Tate

Office Coordinator and Wellness Representative

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