December 8, 2011

‘Tis the season of giving and gratitude, no matter beliefs and traditions, universally the next few months we all share various holidays that at the core are about appreciating the love of family, friends, community and the big and small miracles we encounter along the way. During this time, we want to share the gifts your bodymind are holding for you like a present waiting to be unwrapped. We all love gifts – they can surprise us, make life more fun and exciting, and add ease to daily routines.

“I am grateful for my health” or “At least I have my health.” Common statements when times are hard and when we are facing uncertainty. And yet, is there more to our well-being than just simply being grateful that our bodies are operating? YES, so much more! Our most basic gift of our bodymind is FUNCTION – regulation, ease and vitality of the body. When our body is able to use and adapt its resources for fueling the body with exactly what is needed we heal faster, metabolize better, coordinate more efficiently, and feel more energized.

There are three key signs to know that your body or someone you know is feeling the challenge of FUNCTION – you can see/feel how their bodies are tight or compressed (structure), how they handle stress or are easily overwhelmed (behavior) , and how they express concern about not enough time, energy and so on (perception). When our body is challenged to meet the most basic functions, ” I can’t” is our experience. By releasing tension in the spine and bodymind – “I can’t” turns into ” I can”.  Internally the body is no longer threatened for survival and externally the person begins to experience possibility in the most basic and foundational form – function. During this season when demands on our time, energy and resources can be high, we all can experience a challenge in FUNCTION. We are here for you and the ones you care for to assist in unlocking and rearranging resources so your body CAN meet your life needs more easily. I CAN is the result. Being in your in body and running it is a full time job.  Come to us for a little R&R in the midst of the craziness to get that internal vacation in any moment.


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