Meet Our Practitioners

Dr. Peg Capers, D.C.

Welcome to Evolve Wellness Studio, I’m Dr. Peg Capers, a chiropractor specializing in Network Spinal™. I fell into this line of work. Or, it found me in 1998. For many years during my professional career, I was privileged to be an American Sign Language Interpreter. I started seeing a Network Spinal practitioner for some health challenges, and as we continued working together, I became more alive, real, and well. My respect and love for this work grew.

It wasn’t that I was out of alignment with life, rather the signals from my body paired with Network Spinal helped me to get EVEN MORE into alignment and helped me live a more congruent life. I decided to pursue a career in this type of care because I love the dynamic nature of healing and each person’s individual journey.

I have a deep appreciation for the spark and uniqueness that dwells in each of us and a joy for nature’s ability to outsmart and surprise us at any time. I also have curiosity around what pain may be telling us – not just about our bodies, but also our lives. When pain changes from a random and disturbing thing to “get rid of,” to a signal for reflection, recalibration and change, many doors open for us. That’s why, in this care, we work together to shift the patterning of the body and brain to improve and sustain change by moving from a neurologically wired response of survival and separation to one of thriving and connection.

Dr. Joie Mazor, D.C.

Hello there! I am Dr. Joie, a passionate Doctor of Chiropractic with over a decade of experience providing Network Spinal care.

Wanting to help people in a body centered way, I entered the wellness field practicing massage & somatic bodywork at my private practice in San Francisco before pursuing chiropractic. It was great – but something more was calling that wove together my awe of the human body’s limitless ability for health and healing and the importance of doing it in community. Many life experiences drew me to this path – repeated sprained ankles as a dancer, gut dysbiosis, significant immune challenges and hospitalizations. Common medical practices provided bandaids for these breakdowns, enough to keep me alive. Network Spinal actually gave me the opportunity to live life. Knowing first hand the power of our bodies to heal, I am so grateful that I get to provide this opportunity for others. 

It has been incredibly rewarding to support practice members so dynamically to grow and witness the sustainable and foundational changes in their bodies and lives using Network Spinal technologies & Functional Whole Food Nutrition. I have witnessed the most beautiful unfoldings in people’s lives when we each get to be “more me” and give our unique gifts that also ripples through the community. It is time on the planet for more of this! In returning to Santa Cruz and joining Evolve Wellness Studio, my role is to see your potential, and yours is to discover if now is a YES for you!

Welcome to a world where science meets the mystery of life, transformation is just a breath away, you matter, and you are an integral part of the whole.

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