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Evolve Wellness Studio is conveniently located off of the Pearl Alley parking lot in beautiful downtown Santa Cruz. We are on your left as you enter the parking lot from Cedar Street.



120 Pearl Alley
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

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(831) - 420 - 1212

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  •   If you're looking to grow, shift, increase resilience, work through pain, change your posture/perspective, experience life more fully... Evolve Wellness Studio is the place to be. Two years ago I... read more

    thumb Victoria S.

      Wonderful doctors and great customer service. I really enjoy each session. The clinic cares about the whole approach of health n create educational series along with community building.

    thumb Yeyen G.

      Evolve Wellness is a magnificent healing place.  Network chiropractic heals not only the body, but the emotional aspect of the mind.  Network spinal analysis gives the body an opportunity to... read more

    thumb Constance K.
  •   I heard about Epienergetics on a podcast and immediately felt called to explore this type of care.  I've been working with Dr. Peg in my healing journey for a year... read more

    thumb Susan V.

      I am a chiropractor as well and incredibly choosy with my care and let me tell you Peg is a master!   She constantly evolves her training and is gifted... read more

    thumb Laura P.

      I've been under Network Care for years and when I moved to the Santa Cruz area, my family and I started seeing Dr. Peg and we absolutely love her! Dr.... read more

    thumb Yvonne H.
  •   I was under the care of Dr. Peg Capers for several months in 2012. My posture was out of alignment, my body was aching and I needed a reprieve. Working... read more

    thumb John F.

      Peg is fantastic. As an acupuncturist myself, I recognize the value of energy work and tapping into the body's innate healing resources. That's exactly what she does and that's why... read more

    thumb Kelly M.

      I've been receiving Chiropractic care for over 15 years and recently found a Chiropractor in Santa Cruz that is awesome!  I wanted something more than showing up and getting adjusted... read more

    thumb Aimee N.
  •   Dr. Peg is an amazing chiropractor. She is intuitive, compassionate, and entirely in tune with your body.  She understands what your body is going through, both mentally and physically.  Network... read more

    thumb Tennessee O.

      I loved my sessions with Dr. Peg! I have had chronic neck pain and stiffness after two car accidents and after just a few sessions my pain and stiffness was... read more

    thumb Lara L.

      When I first started working with Dr. Peg I was having migraines every week. Today me migraines will linger however never really become a full migraine again. I am more... read more

    thumb Rebecca F.
  •   Good food, water, rest, exercise and Network Care with Dr. Peg. This is the recipe for an amazing life!

    Working with her keeps me in touch with my body in such... read more

    thumb Aidan K.

      The care I have received from Dr. Peg has really changed my life.  The aches, pains and tension in my neck, shoulders and upper back are gone.  I didn't realize... read more

    thumb Jen D.
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