Why the Spine?

Network Spinal™ is an evidenced based approach to support wellness and body awareness.

Created by Dr. Donny Epstein, DC, Network Spinal uses gentle precise touch to the spine to cue the brain to create new wellness promoting strategies.

Two unique healing waves develop with this work. They are associated with spontaneous release of spinal and life tensions, and the use of existing tension as fuel for spinal re-organization and enhanced wellness strategies.

Our Care Encompasses…

Office visits and entrainments

Each visit includes an entrainment with Dr. Peg Capers, DC or Dr. Joie Mazor, DC.

An entrainment involves light touches along the spine that cue the nervous system to move into healing and growth, after having first established more safety and connection. This brings both physical and structural changes as well as health, well being and behavioral changes.

An office visit may also include elements of the Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) exercises. The doctor offers what is needed in each session to further your overall evolution.

12 Stages of Healing // SRI

Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) is a series of exercises designed to help you identify your body’s rhythms and inner wisdom through focused attention, gentle breath, movement, and touch.

The exercises take you through the 12 stages of healing, a map of the territory of human evolution and consciousness. Referred to this way because embodied evolution and consciousness are key to any healing processes.


Energetic Intelligences

Just like the sun, water, and soil have their own contributions to the growth of a living thing, the nervous system draws on the exact energy, timing, and force to initiate its coherent use of resources for further connection, growth, expansion and a higher organization of itself

The Four Sacred Seasons

Season of Discover

This season of Discover is about your body finding enough safety to initiate growth in new ways, and for your previous patterns of protection and disconnection to be revealed to you. We begin to see how avoiding discomfort has shaped our health and life in ways that we could not observe because our nervous system did not have the capacity to see such things yet.

The broadening of the body’s baseline of safety in new ways, allows for us to see what’s really happening as we move towards growth rather than away from what needs our attention. True choice begins to emerge when we have more than one option on how to respond.

Season of Transform

In the season of Transform, we see how managing our body or managing stress has become a habit that can be rewired via the nervous system. It may even have become “who we are.”

Once we experience safety, and the body informs the mind of this safety, we begin to organically unfold as who we are, and take action towards things we weren’t previously able to. This creates changes in our health and life that are congruent with how we authentically heal and engage with the world versus how we’ve been socially conditioned.

Season of Awaken

The season of Awaken is a way in which the nervous system, with enough flexibility from the first two seasons, allows an opening for what each person is here for. The clarity of your contribution to the healing and evolution of humanity is not only more perceivable, but embodied.

There are continued spinal and nervous system strategies to evoke health and life changes typifying this focus. This season accents how each person’s individuality is part of larger changes in families, communities and the globe.

Season of Integrate

The season of Integrate is the truth of embodying all the energies, strategies and behaviors of the previous seasons. The nervous system becomes more of a barometer, allowing for the mind, the body and the spirit to be on the same page.

It offers embodied awareness and agility to move between and blend the energies and gifts of each of the other seasons. Integration contributes not only to an individual’s wellness, but to a sense of interconnected health and progress.

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