Is your pain trying to tell you something?

Pain is meant to guide you. When you are ignoring signs your body tells you, it usually means something needs to change.

My wake up call happened in 1994. I was busy working all the time, seeming to be “successful” and making “progress” I woke up the day after Thanksgiving unable to get out of bed. I was in severe pain despite taking more pain-killers than I care to admit and the worst part is, I did not know why. In desperation, I asked “OK, What?” and the pain backed down a little. Several of my friends recommended I see a local Chiropractor. I resisted, thinking stereotypical spine cracking etc, but the pain was telling me I had to do something.

After 2 visits, all the pent-up frustration I was ignoring was unexpectedly allowed to express itself, and I suddenly felt immense relief from the physical pain. I realized I was not happy, even though I thought I was being productive. Fast forward to the present day, and I am doing work that I absolutely love. My self is in Harmony and life flows in ways I never before dreamed possible!

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