Network Care in Santa Cruz

Network Care is the combined practice of Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) and Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI). Through NSA, people develop two healing waves associated with profound improvements in health and wellness. As these waves develop, specific breath, movement, and energy rhythms naturally emerge. These SRI rhythms are connected with different internal states of consciousness and support the advancement of the next strategy in NSA. When combined, NSA and SRI together promote improvements in all aspects of our well-being.

“Network Care inspires us to trust the healing power within.”
-Deepak Chopra, M.D

Documented Benefits of Network Care

A University of California Irvine study of 2,818 people receiving Network Care worldwide, demonstrates Network Care is associated with profound improvements in health and wellness.

76% of the respondents in this study reported improvements in ALL of these categories:

Physical Well Being

• Improved flexibility
• More energy and less fatigue
• Pain reduction and fewer headaches

Less Stress Relative to

• Work
• Family
• Coping with daily problems

Emotional & Psychological Well Being

• Less depression
• Decreased moodiness & anger
• Improved ability to think & concentrate

Life Enjoyment

• Experience of relaxation and well being
• Confidence in dealing with adversity
• Compassion for self and others

Healthy Lifestyle Changes

• Decreased use of prescription medications
• Regular exercise, meditation and prayer
• Dietary improvements

Quality of Life

• Overall contentment
• Adaptation to change
• Satisfaction with sex life

99 % of the participants in this study wished to continue Network Care!

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