I love the gentle and powerful approach of specific touch that allows for greater body awareness and accessibility.  I have a decrease in body tension and new tools to help when she is not around! I’ve improved my ability to be more present and less reactive with added stress.  Don’t wait for a change to improve your health.  Use your spine to minimize how you handle stress and your body will function at a higher level.  Evolve Wellness Studio will exceed your expectations.

RL, Health Care Provider

I came to see Dr. Peg for back pain that was so severe that I had recently undergone two rounds of cortisone injections into the lower spine, to no avail.  I must say I was skeptical and only entered care based on strong recommendations from some friends that had been helped.  Dr Peg was able to deliver where the cortisone shots failed.  My sciatic pain, that had previously caused severe back issues has been completely eliminated.  I recently traveled through Asia, putting on 26,000 air miles over two weeks. I returned home, golfed the next day, and broke 90 for the first time.   That was only possible because of Dr. Peg’s care. You should check this care out.  It’s works.

I set an intention for my life when I began seeing Dr. Peg five months ago. Because of her work, my whole world has shifted and continues to unfold beautifully towards that intention. My happiness, vitality, wisdom and success have expanded in ways I could not have imagined. Dr. Peg’s care rocks!”
MM, Entrepreneur

I had an auto accident four months ago.  I thought I went to Peg for my neck pain.  I admit that the subtle touch of Network chiropractic left me ambivalent and wondering.  How could such gentle movement and touch effect change and give relief?  I was committed to my “entrainments”, as the treatments are called.  One day my pain was so intense I cried. I could not even place my hands on the rests beneath the table.   I went to see Peg and that night the pain completely went away!  This demonstration of gentle intelligent healing leading  to  powerful and immediate change cemented my faith in Peg’s medicine.  What I now know is that the Peg’s “adjustments”   effected multiple layers of my consciousness, released grief, tension and pain. The treatment sessions and “homework”  integrated the compartmentalized issues drowned by daily life and defenses. I am  now aware of my body, my mind’s ability to direct tension for release and more comfort and allowing what is true for me right now.  Thank you, thank you Peg.
 AD, Psychiatric Nurse and Life Coach

It’s great and it’s worth what you pay for it.  Your spine is the center of your body.  When that’s taken care of, all else falls into place.
-T.M., Teacher’s Aide

My health has changed, my body has changed.  My heart is healing.

I was very afraid of going to a chiropractor for years because I didn’t want the traditional care.  After going to Dr. Peg’s workshop and learning about her approach, I was much more relaxed.  Since receiving care from Dr. Peg, I feel incredible!  The tension in my upper body and shoulders is completely gone and I don’t feel as anxious as I used to.  Thanks, Dr. Peg!
 – J.W., Business Owner

This care has helped me tremendously in dealing with the stresses of my work and with growing older but feeling better.
-P.G., Bank Vice President

I AM the ninja I always thought I was, this care makes me feel great and unstoppable
– JK , Web Designer

As a medical professional and massage therapist, I have experienced more methods of healing than most people and I feel this is the only thing I have found that truly addresses the mind, body and spirit.

-R.D., LPN and LMT

If everyone, man, woman and child could experience Network the world would become a more peaceful place
– A.H, Mom/Teacher

When I first started working with Dr. Peg I felt like the tin man after Dorothy oiled his joints.  My body felt free of the stuckness I’d been carrying around for years.  As I continued to work with her I began to feel like I cleaned out my closet and made room for more!
–  LS, Business Coach

My life has changed completely since I’ve been seeing Dr. Peg for Network Care.  I was challenged by pain in my hips and upper back, and my mobility and overall range of motion had been compromised as a result.  In a very short  time, my pain vanished, and I could move freely once again.   As I continue care, I’m finding my body self-correcting–my posture has improved dramatically, and my overall alignment keeps getting better and better.  I’ve experienced numerous healing modalities and types of bodywork, and nothing has had such a profound effect.  Not only is my body enjoying greater ease, but my outlook on life is different as well.  I’m more open, hopeful, and better able to be present in the moment than I’ve ever been.  Dr. Peg is a dedicated healer who is committed to helping her clients feel better, on many levels.  She has brought me back to life in a sense.  I can’t thank her enough!
 – TR, Teacher

The care I have received from Dr. Peg has really changed my life.  The aches, pains and tension in my neck, shoulders and upper back are gone.  I didn’t realize how much discomfort I was living with, until it was gone.  In addition, I feel much stronger (like I can take on the world), and less stressed (even when life is overwhelming).  Overall, I feel I am in a much more positive place.  In fact, when friends visiting from out of town see me, they all comment on how good I look, and that they are not surprised when I tell them how well everything is going.  I truly credit Dr. Peg for helping me become healthier and happier, both physically and mentally. –JD  – Child Care Provider

I have had chiropractic in my life in many different facets for over 15 years. I have been looking for the right fit for over a year (it’s your health – it matters!) :0) Well, I am every day extremely grateful to have been referred to Dr. Peg’s office! She is the PERFECT person for someone who is looking for a caring practitioner with the skill set to explain the science and healing of chiropractic in very simple terms! She has an incredible gift and every single visit I leave feeling better but also having a tool to walk away with that I’ve been able to use in every day life situations! Thank you Dr. Peg! You are a gem and am so lucky to have you in my life. I am so much better with the care you have given me. I’m learning so much….. (huh, and I thought I ‘knew it all’!!) :0) Hugs to you!

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