May 5, 2011

The Seasons of Care

The Progression of NSA Care – The cumulative nature of wisdom

Discover Care

The first step is Discover Care, where you will experience how your body can effortlessly find and release tension without having to ‘figure it out.’ You will not only have less tension and pain in your body, but more energy and vitality as well. Your body begins to optimize its healing abilities. Imagine your body could effortlessly unwind stress and tension automatically. Now imagine that every trauma and unresolved stress in your body was waiting as an unwrapped gift to be transformed! Take action more consistently, have clarity of mind with greater focus, and the determination and courage to move forward in ways you never have in your body and your life.  The Progression of NSA Care – The cumulative nature of wisdom

Transform Care

Welcome to Transform Care.

Awaken Care

In Awaken Care you will know without any doubt who you are and why you are alive. This sense of knowing extends beyond the ’self’ where you feel compelled to serve beyond yourself and doing so creates tremendous joy.

Integrate Care

In Integrate Care, use all the these tools at any moment to gain greater self-awareness, greater expression of the human spirit, and conscious awakening of the relationships between body, mind, and emotion.

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