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First Friday Santa Cruz Art Tour at Evolve Wellness Studio, April 6th 6-9PMThis Month – CLARE CASSIDY, Deaf Photographer

Join us this Friday April 6th as our series continues – Artists on Posture.For centuries artists have used and relied on posture to express and create the feeling and moods of characters, portraits, scenes and the like.

As a part of Santa Cruz First Friday Art Tour Evolve Wellness Studio will be showing various artists’ work conveying this idea.  You will also have the opportunity to explore your posture with Dr. Peg and its expression of your consciousness, feelings, and perspective on life. Spiritual, health, and scientific studies show that posture is an integral link to your emotional experience, health and outlook. Join us!
Clare Cassidy comes from a family of 7 children, 6 girls and a brother and she is an identical twin herself. Clare currently teaches at a Deaf school to high school students. She teaches Literature and Visual Journalism. Photography, for her, is a hobby and her favorite subjects are her three boys and her dog, Abby. She carries her camera everywhere and her eyes literally see photo ops every second. Taking pictures is her way of relaxing and escaping reality from time to time.

**Sign Language Interpreters Provided and Dr. Peg also signs.

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