Why the Spine?

The 5 gifts of the spine are: function, emotion, sense of self, behavior, and consciousness. A coordinated and cooperative system change in the structures, behaviors and perceptions of the nerve system is simple, efficient and is reflected in all body processes, increases self-awareness, and develops new abilities for the body to become more adaptive and self-reliant.

“Network Spinal Analysis and Somato Respiratory Integration are amongst the most powerful sources of personal transformation I have ever experienced or seen. They produce embodied and empowered strategies that are both sustainable and enjoyable for enhanced human resourcefulness and wellness.

I am stronger, more inspired, creative, and healthy because of this work. It has personally and professionally helped me to maximize my ability to contribute to others.”
-Anthony Robbins
Peak Performance Coach
Author of Unlimited Power

Why the Spine?

Why the Spine?What is the value in working with the Spine? How can this benefit me and the people I care about?

Chiropractors and specifically Network Practitioners understand the highly responsive and wise nature of the nerve system and spine. Together, the brain, spinal cord, and the surrounding structures of the spine are the link between the brain and body giving meaning to experiences, coordinating healing and resources, creating changes internally and externally within our bodies and lives.

Function – Self-healing, muscle contraction, organ function, hormone balance
Emotion – The ability to express a full range of emotions, to access emotion to create change
Sense of Self – Feeling confident, what it means to ‘be yourself’
Behavior – Negative habits such as smoking, diet or alcohol, daily routines and rituals
Consciousness – Being self-aware, being present, living joyfully, contribution to others
To listen to a segment of Dr. Donald Epstein’s talk on the 5 gifts of the spine, click here.

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