Discover Inner Healing Abilities


Discover is the first of Four Sacred Seasons in Network Care.  This season has three  stages of healing.  The first begins with discovering that you were hiding things and circumstances from yourself.  That you were disconnected or separate from those things that may have been affecting you, but which you […]

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Transform to Become the Most Authentic YOU


Moving on from the First Season to embody the next four phases of healing within the Four Sacred Seasons, the next season in care is Transform. In this season you have passed through feeling stuck, experienced it, and are ready to move toward transforming your beliefs, notions, perspectives, and relationships. […]

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The Season of Awaken allows you to move further into self connection and healing.  You will be able to experience deeply every situation in your life, from a conversation, to the way your body moves, to a consciousness that allows you to reveal your gifts and allows you to see […]

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Integrate mind body spirit into everyday life


The previous three seasons have all led up to this season, because it is the season in which you bring all those lessons together and integrate them to make your body, mind, and spirit more aware of yourself, your body, your emotions, your thinking, your spirit, and your new found […]

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