September 16, 2013

Giving up Conformity – A gateway to transforming (fear to trust)


Here’s our challenge to you. For 1 week (or more), question every “truth” you have and see where life takes you.

This examination and willingness creates a powerful shift and change in us. Our need, belief, and automated nature to conform are so frequently holding us back from love, joy, healing, abundance, and what we really want. Yet, we have to discover this for ourselves. Sometimes the answer to “Is this true?” – is yes! Then we find more confidence and motivation to move in that direction. Often it’s NO! Now we have open up a whole other level of questioning, exploration and a path toward a different possibility.

So what do you, your relationship, your family, your society, and your culture inherently value as true? Here are some examples.

  • There is only one kind of love.
  • I (or people) must be nice all the time.
  • The body can only heal this much.
  • If you are smart and educated you will be successful.
  • If you follow your dreams you will be poor.
  • Hard work is the only way to bring wealth and abundance.
  • I have to do it all or no one else will.
  • I must be perfect to be loved or respected.
  • If I fail once I will fail again.
  • If anyone knows how I was raised or what I experienced, they will want nothing to do with me.
  • If I succeed once I will succeed again.
  • Having faith or trust makes me silly or less intelligent.
  • There is only one kind of beauty.
  • There is only one kind of power.
  • The only way to be professional is to be cold and distant.
  • Being rational is more important than feeling or believing in that which is intangible.
  • More time and more money will make me free.
  • The past equals the future.

And I could go on and on. It’s so insidious we are often not being our real selves without realizing our human nature to conform. It’s in some ways making us unhealthy, stressed, and or lonely. I believe that it is our inherent nature to love, trust, be kind, and see one another. Honestly seeing ourselves for who we are and what we believe may just allow love, trust, kindness, and seeing others more. Or try the other way around – seeing what others believe about themselves as a way to look at what you believe about yourself.

In my personal experience this is most difficult when there is a challenge in our life – health, family, relationship, business, financial and others. Believing or trusting more at that moment is loaded, because the conformity nature comes in even stronger when we feel less than or scared – to protect us. We judge ourselves (or others) as stupid for taking the risk of believing often again out of fear. As a result we stay in the same place or slip even further backwards. People have healed from all the things you believe they can’t. They have made more money without having money then you can imagine. They have made huge contributions to the world and society without education or money. They have found love and depth in a relationship when you’ve given up on it. All of these things exist. Just as much if not more than the doubt.

What do you tune into? The internet and media can tell you all good stuff or all the bad stuff. It has become an avenue for warning and scaring each other. It can also illuminate all the supernatural and blow your mind kind of things going on in the world. Ironically, people are almost more scared to share the good because they may be seen (or see themselves) as odd or weird. Tune into that which amazes you, leaves you in awe, is unexplainable, or is without proof.

Giving up on conforming is a gateway to a whole new life that includes what you really want. There likely is another way to get there.

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