July 11, 2012

Presence – Immaterial or Material?

Applying the awareness that becomes available to us throughout our healing with Network Spinal Analysis  and Somato Respiratory Integration is a choice and I daresay a necessity for more healing. At some point we need to take a step (and another) into ourselves to fathom that the healing really is within and available to us.

Two conversations this week have brought my awareness to presence as an invaluable part of this. One conversation considered “what’s so great about Discover care?” the foundation and beginning of Network care and Reorganizational healing. It’s common that people are drawn to the empowerment of Transform care or the connection and consciousness of Awaken care. Interestingly, this is available to us right from the very beginning. As I mulled over the question, I came to the realization that Discover care is characterized by the ability to be present in our body. Not by thinking it, willing it, or wishing it to happen, but it does. This is the door to many new experiences, choices, relationships and more in life. Fear melts and resistance fades – as presence suggests, there is acceptance. This can seem rather immaterial, but stay with me.

The second conversation that cued me to presence went like this “I’ve been working so long on getting my tight hamstrings to relax. I’ve been stretching before I work and I found stretching doesn’t help as much as being present. When I’m present, they completely let go.”

And here it becomes material.

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